Terms of Service

These terms of service (“Terms”) set forth the legal terms and conditions governing your use of the website located at www.trendlabacademy.com (“this website”, “the site”) and any training service provided by Trendlab Pte. Ltd. (“Trendlab”) under the trade name “Trendlab Finance Academy” each individually and wholly hereby referred to as “the Training Services”.

Acceptance of Terms of Service
By using this website or any other online and mobile websites, blogs and interactive applications operated by Trendlab or by subscribing to emails or by registering for any learning programme whether free or chargeable, you agree to the Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, you should leave the site immediately and should not subscribe or register for any learning programme and if you have done so, you should terminate your subscription or registration immediately.

Trendlab Pte. Ltd. (“Trendlab” or “the Company”, “we”, “us”) is a finance institution based in Singapore and registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) as a Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”). The Company offers finance training programmes under the trade name “Trendlab Finance Academy” to private individuals and entities at the premises belonging to and operated by third parties which may vary from time to time as well as remotely through internet. The primary activity of the Company is to provide fund management services (“FM Services”). The Company’s Training Services are provided by the Company as ancillary services to the FM Services. The Company’s registration with MAS does not represent MAS’s endorsement or approval of the any of Company’s services neither does it represent a suitability assessment of any services. Trendlab does not provide FM Services to you unless you satisfy certain conditions regarding among others the source of your funds and your net worth and sign an investment management agreement with Trendlab. The fact that you are receiving Training Services from Trendlab under Trendlab Finance Academy does not imply that you will be eligible to enter into an investment management agreement with Trendlab or in any case receive FM Services from Trendlab.

Trendlab office premises
Trendlab office premises are located at 7500A Beach Road, #04-334 The Plaza, Singapore 199591. Trendlab is not a school and does not conduct any group training at its office premises. Trendlab offers group training at premises made available by third parties from time to time. The venue where a specific group class is conducted is indicated in the communication related to each training course. Trendlab reserves the right to change the venue where it conducts its training for any reason and shall make its reasonable efforts to inform registered participants of any change of venue.

Training Services
The objective of our Training Services is to enhance your personal finance literacy. Our Training Services are provided only for your personal educational. The Training Services are not part of any formal educational curriculum. Training Services have not been assessed, deemed suitable, approved, recognized or endorsed by MOE or any Singapore national or international education supervisory body. From time to time the Company or its directors or employees may collaborate with schools or training centres or other educational entities in various forms. The collaborations with such entities and any opinions expressed by directors, teachers or employees of such entities should not be construed as legal endorsements of our services on their part. You should make your own independent assessment of the value and suitability of our service. The Training Services do not prepare you for nor are they connected with any diploma or degree courses or official educational program. Any certificate of attendance is issued to you for your reference only, it is not recognized by any entity and has no commercial or legal bearings. Our Training Services are not designed or intended to qualify students for employment. Although our Training Services are intended to improve your financial literacy, we cannot guarantee that your financial literacy will improve as a result of our Training Services or that our training would produce any positive effect either in terms of producing financial profits for you or in terms of preventing or limiting your losses.

Responsibility for your financial decisions.
The information acquired though our Training Services may not produce any positive result for you and they may not be able to prevent you from suffering damages or financial losses. You understand that Trendlab disclaims any responsibility for any loss or lack of profits that you may incur as a result of the Training Services. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you retain full and unconditional responsibility at all times for any financial decisions you make or you fail to make. You should never make or fail to make an investment decision only on the base of the information you acquired though our Service and you should always seek professional advice before making any investment decision. You acknowledge that information obtained through the Training Services is not tailored for you or any specific person and should never be used as a substitute for financial or other professional advice. You should not treat any opinions or views expressed by Trendlab as a recommendation to make any particular investment. Should you take any such action or decision based on information contained in this website or in any case as a result of our Training Services, you do so entirely at your own risk and you alone bear all consequences for such decisions.

No financial advice
You hereby acknowledge that any service provided by Trendlab under the trade name Trendlab Finance Academy are educational training services only and you understand that such training services do not constitute and do not replace fund management services, financial, legal or tax advice or other professional opinion or advice whatsoever.

No sale of financial product
Our training is designed to be general in nature. This notwithstanding, we may occasionally make reference to some specific purchasable financial instruments for reasons of exemplification or because we believe making such references will enhance the quality of our training. You hereby acknowledge that any such reference does not constitute an offer to sell or a recommendation to buy any financial instruments.

Indemnity and liability
To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law you indemnify and hold harmless Trendlab, its representatives, directors and employees, any agent or third party from time to time collaborating with Trendlab in connection with the Training Services from any liability, damage, theft, personal injury arising from your use, attempt to use or lack of use of the Training Services including but not limited to, liabilities arising from negligence or fault. You understand that the Company may rent facilities to conduct its Training Services and does not represent that they are suitable, functional, safe or free from defects and assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused to you directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of said facilities. You understand that the Company utilizes website, emails, webinars and other internet communication tools and thumb drives, disks and other physical tools for data storage to provide some of its Training Services and does not represent that they are safe or free from malware or in any case cause disruptions or damage to your hardware or software at any time. You hold Trendlab harmless for any disruptions or damage caused to you for the above mentioned tools. In no event shall Trendlab’s total liability to you for all damages, losses and causes of action exceed the amount paid by you for our services.

Trendlab does not provide any Training Services to minors /wards unless they have been so authorized by their legal parent/guardian in advance. Trendlab reserves the right to refuse to provide the Training Services to a minor/ward if it has not received authorization from his/her parent/guardian in the form required by the Company. A refusal to provide such authorization shall be treated as a cause for termination of the Training Services and shall not entitle you to any fee refund. By registering a minor/ward to any Training Services, you warrant that you are the legal parent/guardian, you are entitled to register the minor/ward for the course and you agree to all terms set out here on his/her behalf.

Intellectual Property
All content found in this site and in any other medium which is related to the Training Services is protected by copyright laws, and may not be reproduced, published, distributed, transmitted, displayed, broadcast or otherwise exploited in any manner without the express prior written permission of the Company. The names, logos, tradenames and all related trademarks of this website, and other intellectual property are the property of Trendlab Pte. Ltd. and cannot be used without the express prior written permission of the Company.

The Company has used extensive know-how and skill to produce the content, tools and methods to support its training and will not hesitate to take action against any person who makes or attempt to make an unauthorized use of its content or expertise.

Restricted access
The access to our services is restricted to the person to whom it has been granted. In order to access our services, you will be given a password. You are responsible to ensure that no person except yourself shall access the services under your name. You shall protect the secrecy of your password and shall ensure that you take the maximum precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your device and to your profile name and password.

Course Fees
Training course fees are payable in full upon registration in the amount indicated in the communication specific to each course. Cheques should be written to Trendlab Pte. Ltd. and mailed to Trendlab Pte. Ltd., 7500A Beach Road, #04-334 The Plaza, Singapore 199591. In case you are unable to attend the course you have registered for due to health reasons or other reasons beyond your control, you should inform us promptly. The course fees up are refundable up to 70% of the amount you paid subject to the Company’s approval. In place of the refund and subject to availability, we may grant you permission to attend other similar courses offered by the Company within six (6) months from the date of the course without additional charges. In approving a refund or granting you the right to attend a replacement course, the Company will consider in its sole discretion if the reasons for your lack of attendance are genuine and you have made best efforts to inform us promptly of your inability to attend the course you originally signed for. You shall consider any approved refund or course replacement as non-negotiable and final. You understand that the course fees payable to Trendlab are not protected under the Fee Protection Scheme or any other insurance scheme that may protect your fees from the Company’s insolvency or inability to carry out its Training Services due to force majeure.

Membership Fees
Some Training Services may be offered in the form of online membership (Trendlab Finance Academy Membership) to which you may subscribe. When you become a member you will have access to Trendlab training software and certain training services and content offered to members through internet. Subscriptions purchased via trendlabacademy.com are billed monthly or annually. Your selected payment method will be charged automatically on a recurring basis (monthly or annually). Your subscription will be renewed automatically, and you will be charged in advance of each billing cycle unless you cancel. Termination takes effect on the last day of the period in which we have received your notice to cancel the service. For monthly payment cycles, membership fees paid prior to termination are non-refundable. For annual payment cycles, the Company in its sole discretion may grant you up to a refund of 50% of the pro-rated remaining period.

You may terminate your membership at your discretion. You agree that Trendlab may discontinue your access to its services (including your membership) if in its sole discretion determines that you have violated these Terms. The termination does not limit any of Trendlab’s rights. Each and all terms which hereby set out Trendlab’s rights shall remain in force after and notwithstanding the termination of service for the time and extent permitted by the applicable law.

Historical data, projections and forecasts
The Training Services may involve the use of historical data and may provide or assist you to generate financial projections and forecasts. Although Trendlab has used reasonable care and skill in providing data, projections, forecasts and related tools to generate them (each and all “Provided Information”, Trendlab cannot guarantee that Provided Information is correct, accurate, useful or up to date. Actual results may differ from projections and forecasts for various reasons, including but not limited to, unforeseen events, data inaccuracy, errors or omissions in the raw data used for computation or error in the assumptions and formulas used.

Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy can be found in our website at the related link. You represent that you have read and agree to our privacy policy.